The Penguin Walk returned for its fifth year, and finished on March 19, 2017! 

The walk has ended for the season- join us next year!

Every day during the walk, king penguins will shake, waddle, and roll their way around the Calgary Zoo. Walk almost ‘wing in hand’ with the birds, learn all about our ‘royal’ penguins, and finish just in time to grab lunch at Kitamba Cafe. This experience is FREE with general admission.

When the penguins are waddling, plan your visit to the zoo. There is so much to do!

1. Arrive at 10:30am.
2. Pick up a hot chocolate for the kids.
3. Secure your place on the runway.
4. Enjoy the king penguins waddle down the strip.
5. Enjoy some time at Kitamba Cafe for lunch.


“It's a must see! Very cute, kids love it” - Linda

Want to see them waddle? 

The walks are dependent on the birds’ desire to join in and could be cancelled
if the weather drops to below -25°C, raises above 5°C or if the conditions are too windy.



Just before hatching, penguin chicks call to their parents from inside the egg.