Woodland Caribou

Woodland Caribou

These expert lichen-sniffers have regal antlers. We are home to a herd of female woodland caribou that includes several juveniles.

Always on the move, always looking for lichen

Woodland caribou perform one of the largest animal migrations, traveling more than 2,500 kilometres across the boreal forest and tundra every year. All that walking makes a caribou hungry – an adult can eat more than 12 pounds of food in a day, with lichen being a major staple in the caribou diet. Caribou are known for their beautiful antlers which help males show off to females and act defensively.


  • IUCN Red List Status: Vulnerable (at high risk of extinction in the wild)
  • Type: Mammal
  • Habitat: Boreal forests across Canada
  • Diet: Herbivore – lichens, sedges, and mushrooms
  • Size: 4 to 5 feet at the shoulder
  • Weight: 240 to 700 pounds
Woodland Caribou Woodland Caribou Woodland Caribou
Woodland caribou

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Fun Facts about Woodland Caribou

The underside of a caribou’s hoof is hollow to help it scoop snow when digging for food.

Woodland caribou are the only species in the deer family where both males and females grow antlers.

A male caribou’s antlers can grow by more than one metre in just six months.

Caribou have scent glands at the base of their ankles which are used to alert others to danger.

A female caribou will only have one calf per year.

Caribou have a four-chambered stomach.

Woodland Caribou


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