Team Building

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Are you looking for a bonding session with your group? Surrounded by multiple examples of innate teamwork within the animal kingdom, the Calgary Zoo is a natural spot to host a team-building event. They’re all free from GST (because we’re a charity!) and must be booked at least two weeks in advance.Whether you're competing for first place in the Zoomazing race, or testing your survival skills in The Keeper Games, get ready for an event that is as fun as it is unique.

If we haven't convinced you, check out the video evidence. 
Ready, set, go! 

Build Bonds in the Natural World

NEW - The Polar Games

In the Polar Games , team of 4 - 6ppl will brave the elements and battle to victory in 4 polar animal challenges.  Slide like a polar bear in our version of the human bonspeil, migrate the frozen north like a caribou or coordinate your team for a synchnonized penguin musical.  Participants will work together to complete these fun, outdoor challenges. Only available January and February. 

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COMING MAY 2018 Escape Extinction (6 up to 90 ppl)

Escape room meets conservation.  We need your help to save the Giant Panda from extinction.  Can your team turned conservation researchers, complete their tasks in time to save the world's most loved endangered species ?

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Zoomazing Race (6 to 100 ppl) *Updated for 2018*

Hurrying through a series of mental and physical (non-strenuous) challenges, the Zoomazing Race is great for outgoing and competitive groups that are used to working together. This is our most popular teambuilder.  

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The Keeper Games (6 to 80 ppl)

"May the odds be ever in your favor".  Your team will take on the role of Zookeeper to complete mental and physical (non-strenous) challenges around the Zoo.  Teams get a taste for the role of a Zookeeper while having fun exploring the Zoo.   This teambuilder is not a race but teams will compete for high scores to win "The Keeper Games".

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Zoovivor (6 to 75 ppl) *Updated for 2018*

Unlike the Zoomazing race, teams are pitted against one another as they compete head-to-head in multiple challenges. Ideal for mixed groups with a wide range of ages and personalities, Zoovivor is more structured, and each “tribe” is given a schedule with times and locations for each activity.

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Scavenger Hunts 25ppl and up

Self-guided scavenger hunts work equally well as a break in a day of meetings or as a half-day event. Most often used as a reward, this activity is a fun way to enjoy the grounds and learn about the zoo in an organized but informal way. 

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Black bears come in a full array of colours including blue-gray or blue-black, brown, cinnamon and even (rarely) white.