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School Programs FAQS


Visit our School Programs page for more information or to make a booking.

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  • What can we expect from a Calgary Zoo School Program?

    Our school programs are developed and taught by passionate and skilled conservation educators and are designed with 3 goals in mind:

    1. Engage participants in learning experiences connected to our unique setting, our animal colleagues and their conspecifics, and our global conservation programs

    2. Make connections that enhance Alberta Education curricular outcomes in subjects such as science, social studies, and outdoor education 

    3. Inspire compassion and action for wildlife and wild places

  • What kinds of school program experiences do you offer?

    Our school programming includes:

    On-Site programming immerses you in our zoo grounds through a variety of engaging lessons. 

    In School programming delivered in-school every Tuesday and Thursday January 17 - April 30, 2022. 

    Virtual programming brings the zoo to your learning space through unique online experiences.  

    Self-Guided programming provides a backpack of biofacts and guiding questions for you to explore at your own pace. Can be booked separately to added on to any on-site program.  *Not offered until further notice*

  • How many students can be in a program and how many chaperones do I need?

    Maximum student numbers depend on the grade and type of program. Check the program descriptions for specifics. In general, maximum students are as follows:

    • K-3: 27
    • 4-6: 32
    • 7-12: 37
    • Edu-Treks: 30
    • In-school programs: 1 class per program
    • Virtual Programs: 37


    • If you exceed the maximum student number permitted for your program, you must book an additional program.
    • Each session includes admission for 6 adults, chaperones & teachers combined, as well as any aides required for special needs students. If you do have any aides, please let us know in advance how many will be in attendance for each session.
    • No infants, toddlers or siblings are permitted in the classroom or on tours during the formal program. Adults attending with other children will be asked to explore the zoo while the program is delivered. 
    • Schools must pay for any additional adults, to a maximum of 4 at a cost of $14.40 each, through Education (403-232-7732) a minimum of 3 business days prior to your visit. At the discretion of the zoo educator, these additional adults may be asked to explore on their own during the classroom portion of your visit.

    Memberships and general admission do not provide access to School Programs. Any adult in the program using memberships or general day admission for the day will be asked to explore on their own during the program portion of their visit.

    Adults without a pre-purchased program ticket, valid membership, or day admission ticket will be asked to leave the zoo.

  • Is zoo admission included in school program fee?

    Yes! You are able to explore the zoo with your class when not in your program.

  • How do I book and provide payment?

    Click the Book Now box in the description of the school program you’ve selected and follow the online directions.
    Programs must be booked by two weeks before your program date. For example: if the program you want is in the week of October 19-23, please book by October 2. 

    To make payment by credit card, call 403.232.7732 at least 2 weeks prior to your program. Please note that missing this deadline will result in the cancellation of your program. You will receive a booking confirmation email once full payment is received.

    Please Note: We do not accept cheques or EFT.

  • How do I cancel or change a program booking?

    To cancel or request changes to a booked program, please call 403.232.7732 or email [email protected].

    Cancellation or changes requested less than 2 weeks prior to your program will incur a $50 administration fee charge. No refunds are granted for no-shows.

  • How do I provide feedback on a school program?

    We would love to hear what you and your students thought of our programming. This helps us ensure we remain as relevant and engaging as possible and is especially useful for now programs like our virtual experiences. Please let us know by filling out this quick questionnaire:
    Send Feedback

  • What happens when we arrive at the zoo?

    During our quieter months (September - April) you are able to head directly to the main entrance of the zoo, through the tunnel and to the gates. Once there, let the staff know what school you are from and that you have a program. They will then send you through and onto zoo grounds.

    During high season (March - June) members of our guest relations team might meet you in the bus loop or plaza and assist in directing you through the tunnel and onto the grounds. Arrival and departure at our bus loop can be busy, but we strive to support all our guests as best we can. 

    Once you are on Zoo grounds, please explore until your program time. We recommend arriving 5 minutes before you schedule start time at the location designated on your confirmation letter.

  • Map of classroom locations

    You will be given the name of the classroom that will hold your program in your confirmation email. Click below for a map of the zoo.

    Registered Programs Map

  • Sensory Kits available for students

    We recognize all learners have unique learning needs. The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo offers sensory kits that can be used during school programs, which include learning tools such as wiggle seats, weighted stuffed animals, fidget tools, and more. Please let us know if you have student(s) who would benefit from using an item from the sensory kit in the comments section at checkout or email [email protected]

    Sensory Kit PDF



  • What online delivery platform is used?

    Our delivery platform is Zoom. 

    Participants are able to join our programs on Zoom via their browser. It is not a requirement to download the program to participate.

  • What equipment do I need to connect with you virtually?

    If you are in a classroom or shared learning space, you will need a computer, microphone, projector and something to project onto (screen, Smart Board, etc).

    If your students are joining from their own homes, they will need a device (computer, tablet, phone, etc.) they can view the session on.

  • How should I set up our learning space?

    If possible, set up your camera to show us your students. It is much more engaging and interactive if we can see them! 

  • What online etiquette do you expect from us?

    We ask that you keep yourselves muted until you are asked for questions. Teachers may be asked to relay/repeat questions to the educator if we are unable to hear them.

    Use the chat function only if asking or answering questions with the educator.

    The teacher is responsible for the behavior of your students.

  • Can we ask questions during the program?

    You sure can! Your educator will ask for questions throughout the tour.

    If you are in a shared learning space, the students can come to a microphone to ask the question or the teacher can facilitate.

    If students are joining from their homes, we will ask you to unmute yourselves to ask the question and then mute yourself afterwards.

    You can also use the chat function for questions. 

  • Can I record a virtual session to share?

    We do not permit the recording of our virtual programs.