Disability Assistance

Wheelchair and Power Chair Rentals

Wheelchairs are available at the North Gift Shop, near the North Entrance of the zoo, for a rental fee of $20. This cost includes a $10 refundable deposit and GST. A limited number of power chairs are also available, for a rental fee of $25. Please note that all rental equipment has a limited supply and will be rented out on a first come first served basis. Reservations are not taken, nor is there a waiting list available throughout the day. 

Qualified Attendants

The zoo is accessible to guests with disabilities who are accompanied by a support person. Qualified attendants get complimentary access. Proper identification, such as the Access 2 Entertainment Card, is required.

Service Dogs

The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo welcomes persons with disabilities and their certified public access service dog (service dog); and works to ensure that all visitors have access to equivalent satisfying experiences during their visit. We support service dogs and recognize the great benefits they provide to persons with disabilities.

Service dog/handler team public access is governed provincially, therefore either certification through an Assistance Dogs International-accredited organization OR a completed Qualification Assessment by the Alberta, British Columbia, or Nova Scotia Government must be presented to gain access to the Calgary Zoo. No other forms of certification will be accepted. As per Government of Alberta documentation, “handlers travelling with dogs with owner-managed training or that have graduated from a non-ADI (Assistance Dogs International) school can apply for a qualification assessment. Please note that the application process and assessment scheduling takes some time, so plans must be made well in advance of travel.”

We strongly encourage our guests to pre-register their visit, through our service dog registration which enables the service dog to be pre-screened, ensuring required certification and vaccinations are current and valid.  In the case that credentials do not meet our requirements, this provides the opportunity to gather any necessary paperwork required prior to the visit. Not pre-registering may delay entry while Guest Relations staff verify and confirm the service dog credentials.

The possibility also exists that the service dog may be denied entry as a result of invalid or expired certifications.

Emotional support or comfort dogs and therapy dogs will not be granted access as they are not considered service dogs under Alberta’s Service Dogs Act and Regulations.

Service dogs in training are not permitted on grounds during regular zoo hours. Instead, the zoo will continue with the one day/month program in the fall and spring with the following conditions:

  • This is the entry level for socializing the dogs, training them to walk with a loose leash, and to not react to noises, smells, crowds, people offering to pat them, etc. 

  • Pre-registration for a maximum of 8 dogs per session is on a first come/first served basis (online registration process.)

  • This will be a chaperoned visit with a member of the animal care team.

We pride ourselves on making the Calgary Zoo accessible to diverse audiences from across the world, welcoming service dog/handler teams from across Canada every year.  We look forward to welcoming you and your service animal to the Calgary Zoo once these requirements have been met.

For more details, please refer to our service dog policy.

Family Services


You can rent a wagon for your kids at the North Gift Shop, near the North Entrance of the zoo, for $10. Keep your receipt and return your wagon before 4:45 p.m. to get $2 back. Please note that all rental equipment has a limited supply and will be rented out on a first come first served basis. Reservations are not taken, nor is there a waiting list available throughout the day. 

Wagons are sponsored by Servus Credit Union.

Changing Stations

Washrooms are located throughout the Calgary Zoo. All washrooms have diaper-changing facilities. A nursing room is available at Kitamba Café. Please note that washrooms are closed at the North Gate entrance, as well as in the Discovery Centre and Cequel Energy Lodge as these buildings are currently closed.

Sensory Bags

Due to current health and safety measures, sensory bags are not available at this time. Thank you for your understanding.