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Meet Our Amur Tigers

Amur Tigers are the biggest cats in the world. But size isn’t their only advantage. With night vision, laser-sharp senses, camouflaging and rapid-fire agility, they’re perfectly suited for stealthy hunting. Come catch a glimpse of our tigers: Sarma and Youri.


How you can help

The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo—along with other accredited zoos across North America—participates in Species Survival Plans (SSP). Your donations and membership costs can go a long way in helping us fund these conservation efforts.

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Where We Live

Amur tigers were once known as Siberian tigers, since they were found throughout much of Siberia. Today their territory has shrunk to a small area in northeastern Russia, called the Amur Valley. Their habitats are in the vast woodlands of northern birch forests.

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Did You Know?

Tigers are great swimmers and can even swim across lakes and rivers.