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Frequently Asked Questions

Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo FAQ

Below you’ll find answers to important health and safety questions, along with other commonly asked questions.

Visit our Hours and Admission page to plan your visit or purchase tickets.

Updated Public Health Directives FAQ

Admission & Plan Your Visit FAQ

  • Will I need to purchase a timed ticket before arriving?

    No, you will not. Daily admission tickets can be purchased online or at the North Entrance. Tickets are available to purchase online. Members will not need to purchase tickets in advance, they just need to show their valid Membership ID card at the North gate to gain entry to the Calgary Zoo. Note: Access to the zoo is only available through the North Entrance. The West Entrance remains closed. 

  • Will there be a limit on the number of visitors at the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo?

    Visitor capacity limits have been lifted for the zoo grounds, as well as within our buildings and indoor habitats.

  • Will discount programs continue to be accepted?

    Current discount programs such as Air Miles*, AMA, Boom, and Calgary Recreation Fair Entry will continue to be accepted at the North Entrance. *Note: Please see our Coupons, Discounts and Special Offers page for additional information regarding Air Miles.

  • Do children under 3 years of age also need a day admission ticket?

    No, children under 3 do not need a day admission ticket.

  • Once I enter the zoo grounds, am I limited in how long I can spend on zoo grounds?

    No. You’re welcome to enjoy the zoo grounds for as long as you like until closing!

  • What if I buy a ticket and discover I'm unable to attend on the date I selected?

    Day admission tickets are non-refundable but may be rescheduled up to 7 days from the date of purchase. Please email [email protected] for assistance.

  • Can I leave the zoo and come back in?

    No, once you exit the zoo, you can not re-enter the same day without a new day admission ticket.

  • Are concessions and restaurants open?

    Food & beverage services (Penguin Café, Kitamba Café, Kitamba Java) are open, patio and outdoor picnic seating is available. Grazers is closed for the season. Outdoor concessions (Dairy Bar, Camel Canteen, Safari Snacks, Dinny's Diner, Tiger's Den, and Watering Hole) are closed for the season. Click here to view the current concessions hours of operation. Please note some concessions may be open after hours during special experiences, including ZOOLIGHTS, presented by Olympia Trust Company. 

  • Are retail shops open?

    North Gift Shop and Bamboo-tique are open. Tiger's Conservatory Den remains closed. Click here to view the current retail hours of operation.

  • Can I use cash for food or gift shop purchases?

    Yes. Debit or credit are the preferred methods of payment at this time, however cash is accepted.

  • Are playgrounds open?

    The Brawn Family Foundation’s Bugtopia, Calgary Co-op Kids Zone, and Kinsmen Zooventure playgrounds are open.

  • Are water fountains open?

    Yes, indoor water fountains are open. All outdoor water fountains have been closed for the season.

  • Are wagon, wheelchair and/or powerchair rentals available?

    Wagon Rentals

    Wagon rentals are available at the North Gift Shop, located by Penguin Plunge, for a rental fee of $10. Keep your receipt and return your wagon before 4:45 p.m. to get $2 back.

    Wheelchair and Power Chair Rentals

    Wheelchairs are available at the North Gift Shop for a rental fee of $20. This cost includes a $10 refundable deposit and GST. A limited number of power chairs are also available, for a rental fee of $25.

    Please note that all rental equipment has a limited supply and will be rented out on a first come first served basis. Reservations are not taken, nor is there a waiting list available throughout the day.

  • What buildings or amenities are closed?

    The following will be unavailable until further notice as we support a safe experience for all:

    • Cequel Energy Lodge due to ongoing construction projects - at this time the North American river otters will be unavailable for viewing, 

    • Land of Lemurs walk-through remains closed. 

    • Some indoor facilities, including: Karsten Discovery Centre; Tigers Den Gift Shop. The following washroom locations are also closed: North Gate (entrance), Karsten Discovery Centre and Cequel Energy Lodge. 

    • The West Gate remains closed.

  • When can we redeem our gift cards for memberships?

    Thank you for your support of the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo! You can use your gift cards for online purchases, including memberships and tickets.

  • Is Prehistoric Park open?

    Yes! Prehistoric Park opened for the season on Friday, April 15, 2022.

    Please note the animatronic dinosaurs won't be moving or making sound until mid-May.

  • Is Land of Lemurs Open?

    The Land of Lemurs walk-through is closed.  

    Lemurs are still viewable in their indoor & outdoor* habitats! (*weather permitting)

  • Are all of the animals viewable?

    No, five species (North American river otter, muskox, bison, woodland caribou and whooping crane) in the Canadian Wilds are soon to be off habitat and won't return until 2023.

    To create some exciting new habitats and spaces in the Canadian Wilds, we are undergoing a massive construction project which will temporarily shift pathways and move some animals offsite until the construction is completed. 

    Commencing on April 19, 2022, the Canadian Wilds will have two viewing paths: 

    • North path: enter through the top entrance, travel through to the Jihad Shibley Rocky Mountain Aviary and back. On this journey, you will see bighorn sheep, rocky mountain goats, and the aviary species. 
    • South path: enter through the lower entrance by the zoo bridge, travel along the pathway through to the Brawn Family Foundation Bugtopia and back. On this route, you will see cougars, black bears, grizzly bears, North American porcupine, moose, and grey wolves. 

    Some species will be temporarily relocated offsite during the construction. These species include:

    • Currently offsite: North American river otter and muskox
    • Offsite as of April 19: bison, woodland caribou and whooping cranes.

    We’re working hard to minimize impacts while continuing to provide the best possible experience for both our visitors and the animals we love and care for.  

    If you’re planning a visit to the zoo in the coming weeks, be sure you take a stroll through the Canadian Wilds to visit the woodland caribou, bison and whooping cranes before they say ‘good-bye’ until 2023. Learn more here.

Be kind, stay safe, and have a WILD visit!