Welcome to Zoo Along with You - your hub for zoo-related activities to help engage your young people and keep their spirits high while in and around your home. 

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zoo crafts with you

Join zoo families for zoo-inspired crafts and activities that you can follow along with at home. Check out this teaser for what's coming soon. And don't forget to bring your favourite stuffie! Great for ages 4+.
Join Jen from our Education team and her six year old son Carrick for an exceptionally playful tortoise creating crafting exercise! Your favourite stuffed animal, an egg carton, cardboard, coloured markers, glue and scissors required!
Join Jen from our Education team and her six year old son Carrick for the creation of a pollinator sanctuary! Bring your favourite stuffie and some pollinator-friendly seeds/bulbs (i.e. milkweed, daylily, black-eyed susan & globe thistle). Any age!


sharing the zoo with you

Gorillas at the zoo
Who's who in our troop of Western Lowland gorillas. Great for all ages.

Meet our amazing cougar siblings. All ages.

Figure out the identity of each Northern Leopard Frog based on its spots. Ages 6+

Meet our amazing Amur Tigers. All ages.

Giraffe Tower
Can you build a tower as tall as our male giraffe, Nabo? Great for budding engineers ages 5+

Bears at the Zoo
Get to know our black bears and grizzly bears. Great for all ages

Lions at the Zoo
Meet our beautiful pride. Great for all ages.

Just like our bears and prairie dogs, build your own den at home. Ages 3+

Meet our lovely female alpacas and learn why they're not the same as llamas. Great for all ages. 

Virtual Tours At The Zoo

Live: Penguin Fish Feeding with Zookeeper Valerie
Live: Hippo Habitat Tour with Zookeeper Ryan
Live: Hanging out with the gorilla troop with Zookeeper Patrick

Live: Hanging out with the snow leopards with Lead Zookeeper Barb
Live: Get to know the greater sage-grouse flock with Zookeeper Michelle
Live: Hanging with the lemurs with Lead Primate Zookeeper Carrie

Live: Hanging our with our tower of giraffes with Zookeeper Jennifer
Live: Checking in on our Eastern black-and-white colobus monkey troop with Zookeeper Romy

connecting to nature with you

Use your nature treasures to make art. Ages 5+

Can you solve these animal word puzzles? Ages 7+

Nature podcast
Channel your inner radio host and create a nature or animal-themed podcast to share with your family and friends. Great for ages 7+.

backyard observations
Observe and count the animal life in your neighbourhood. Great for ages 6+

Backside Lowdown
Dive into the world of animal behinds! Great for ages 5+.

Build a safe space for bugs near your home. Ages 5+ 

Use vegetables to make natural paints for a portrait of one of our animals. Ages 6+

Scavenger Hunt
Calling all explorers! Time to engage all your senses and see if you can find everything on our list. Great for ages 5+.

Create your own animal adventure or a superhero who protects wild life and wild places. Great for ages 7+.

Nature Journaling 
Take time to explore the wonder of the natural world around with you in this engaging journaling technique. Art skills not required! Great for explorers ages 7+.

Animal Riddles
Tickle your funny bone with these animal and nature jokes. Great for ages 5+.

Community Walk Bingo 
Energize your next community walk and discover nature in your neighbourhood with a game of bingo! Great for any age.

Take your next wilderness walk to a deeper level. Great for any age. 

Unlock the identity of those beautiful coniferous or "evergreen" trees around you using this handy key. Great for explorers ages 10+.