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virtual storytime with you

Get your favourite stuffie and join Laura for the inspiring story of our community conservationist, Donna Sheppard.
Donna had a Dream by Lisa McDonald & Donna Sheppard. Illustrated by Jesse Horne.

sharing the zoo with you

PandaCam Ethogram
Create your own research tool to observe, record and analyze the behaviours of our Giant Pandas through the Calgary Zoo PandaCam. Great for zoologist ages 10+


connecting to nature with you

Nature Journaling 
Take time to explore the wonder of the natural world around with you in this engaging journaling technique. Art skills not required! Great for explorers ages 7+

Community Walk Bingo 
Energize your next community walk and discover nature in your neighbourhood with a game of bingo! Great for any age.

Unlock the identity of those beautiful coniferous or "evergreen" trees around you using this handy key. Great for explorers ages 10+.

Create your own animal adventure or a superhero who protects wild life and wild places. Great for ages 7+

zoo crafts with you

Join zoo families for zoo-inspired crafts and activities that you can follow along with at home. Check out this teaser for what's coming soon. And don't forget to bring your favourite stuffie! Great for ages 4+.