Zebra mom Genna and foal


New Stripes to Spot in the African Savannah Yard

September 18, 2023 | 1 minute read

We have some dazzling news to share!

On Friday, September 15th, our three-year-old Hartmann’s Mountain zebra ‘Genna’ gave birth to her first foal! While it’s still early days, the foal is looking healthy and has been seen nursing, resting and following mom. The sex of the foal has not yet been determined as our Animal Care, Health & Welfare team are giving Genna and her foal some space and time to bond.

Visitors can spot Genna and our newest addition, alongside 12-year-old ‘Leba’ and her nearly four-month-old foal ‘Moco’, in the outdoor Savannah Yard.

Inquiring minds may be wondering where our male zebras are! Ten-year-old ‘Eros’ (sire to both Senha and Moco) and three-year-old ‘Senha’ (sire to the newest arrival) are spending some quality time together at our offsite Archibald Biodiversity Centre while the moms bond with their offspring and each other. Stop by the Savannah Yard to say hello on your next visit.

Zebra mom Genna and foal

Zebra mom ‘Genna’ and foal