ENMAX Conservatory

It’s time to take a deep breath. Breathe in the lush greenery of our greenhouse and see if a butterfly comes to greet you.

Your thumb will turn green

Throughout the spring and summer seasons, our Garden Gallery is home to many different exotic species of butterflies and moths. Discover the beauty of hardworking pollinators that make our gardens magical.

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ENMAX Conservatory

Featured Species

Meet the creatures living in the ENMAX Conservatory.

Dr. Adriana penguin chick exam

Care & Conservation

How we care for them

From the Atlas moth to the red admiral butterfly, no two species in ENMAX Conservatory are the same. Discover how we meet the different needs of the animals in our care. 

Wilder Institute

Making the world a wilder place

Learn more about our conservation efforts at the Wilder Institute, including the half-moon hairstreak butterfly program.
Community Conservation Efforts

ENMAX Conservatory

Things to Explore

ENMAX Conservatory is a big place with lots to do. What will you do when you visit?

Nutrien Garden of life

The Nutrien Garden of Life

Take a stroll through a lush tropical paradise to discover the plants that make our world possible


The Garden Gallery

This peaceful place is full of beauty and butterflies – be prepared to be a landing pad for a busy pollinator.

Animal zones

More to Discover