White Stopper

White stopper? More like showstopper. This delicate tree can be found in the Nutrien Garden of Life inside of our ENMAX Conservatory.

A slender trunk crowned with white flowers

This tree is known for its dainty white flowers, which are a favourite among bees and moths. When pollinated, the whitestopper grows tiny dark berries, which attract both birds and humans alike. Its name comes from the use of its berries and bark, which can help treat gastrointestinal issues like diaharrea. 


  • Latin Name: Eugenia axillaris
  • IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern (at relatively low risk of extinction)
  • Type: Deciduous tree or shrub
  • Produces: Flowers and berries 
  • Habitat: Caribbean region from southern Florida to South America
  • USDA Climate Zone: 9 – 11
  • Size: Up to 9 metres tall
whitestopper Whitestopper

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Fun Facts about White Stoppers

New leaves are a bright red but turn a glossy dark green.

Berries turn from green to black as they ripen.

Its flowers are fragrant and bloom year-round.

This plant’s flowers have 4 petals and have obvious stamens that make them look frilly.

Mature leaves may be covered in black dots.

Its leaves are arranged oppositely.

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