Exploration Asia & Gateway to Asia

From grassy plains to the northern tundra, Asia is a continent full of incredible creatures designed to thrive in unique conditions. Prepare to be surprised by our Pallas’s cats and charmed by our red pandas.

Meet forest dwellers and cliff climbers

When you move through Exploration Asia and Gateway to Asia, you’ll discover rich biodiversity that thrives across a variety of different landscapes. Our lush habitats are home to our Malayan tapir and our white-handed gibbons, and all manner of creatures that will dazzle you.

Red Panda Amur Tiger Markhor

Exploration Asia & Gateway to Asia

Featured Animals

Meet the animals living in Exploration Asia & Gateway to Asia.

Dr. Adriana penguin chick exam

Care & Conservation

How we care for them

From the Komodo dragon to the Amur tiger, no two species in Exploration Asia are the same. Discover how we meet the different needs of the animals in our care.

Wilder Institute

Making the world a wilder place

Learn more about our conservation efforts at the Wilder Institute, like the Kianjavato Lemur & Reforestation Initiative and the Cross River Gorilla Initiative.
Community Conservation Efforts

Exploration Asia & Gateway to Asia

Things to Explore

Exploration Asia & Gateway to Asia are big places with lots to do. What will you do when you visit?  

Red Pandas

Exploration Asia

From the Amur tigers’ lagoon to the red panda hut, there’s plenty to be wowed by.

Komodo Dragon

Gateway to Asia

Did you see the white-handed gibbons swing through the trees? Discover how species mix when they go to visit the Malaysian tapir.

Animal zones

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