Canadian Wilds

Get to know some of Canada’s most impressive animals as you wander along the forested pathways of the Canadian Wilds.

Conservatory Gardens & Butterflies

You might come for the animals, but you could find yourself spending more time than you bargained for admiring our botanical side.

Destination Africa

Trek down steamy tropical rainforest pathways alive with lush plants and singing, colourful birds. Along the way, you’ll see gorillas, monkeys, crocodiles and more.

Exploration Asia

Journey through Exploration Asia where tigers walk the grassy plains and snow leopards lounge in tree branches.

Gateway to Asia

Gateway to Asia (formerly known as 'Panda Passage') is open!

Land of Lemurs

Discover what lemurs do best: play, groom, leap between trees, search for leaves and shoots to eat and soak up the sun!

Penguin Plunge

Surround yourself with playful penguins perched on rocky outcroppings, plunging into chilly water, and popping out of holes in the ice.

Prehistoric Park

Watch for triceratops grazing among the bushes, then look up to see fearsome T-Rex’s banana-sized teeth ready to tear into his next meal.