beaver sitting on the Canada map. A text says: the beaver is the current national animal of Canada

Why the Beaver?

In 1975, the Beaver won the royal seal of approval to become Canada’s national animal. And why not? The Beaver is cuddly, industrious and has great teeth—but do these characteristics alone qualify it to be our national animal?

Why should the Beaver bask in all the glory? We have a whole host of animals as charming and as dentally endowed as the Beaver.

There’s the intrepid Grizzly, the upwardly mobile Mountain Goat, the graceful Whooping Crane, the dashing Grey Wolf, the high plains drifting Bison, the wise Great Grey Owl, and finally, our incumbent—the Beaver.

Now is your opportunity to learn about our conservation efforts and cast your vote for the animal that best represents Canada in this, our hundred and fiftieth year.


The Candidates

People of Canada, meet the Eh! Team—a motley crew of six Canadian animals who were astonishingly overlooked back in 1975 (in the name of fairness, we’ve included our incumbent—the Beaver). Before you vote, click on each of the Candidates below to help you decide which one is worthy of the title – Canada’s Greatest Animal!


Red Check mark

The Election Count, as it happens…

Follow the results as the votes come in. We’ll announce Canada’s Greatest Animal on May 19th.




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Thanks for voting! Share a photo of what you’ve chosen to be Canada’s Greatest Animal on social media using #GreatestCDNAnimal.

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Are you a beaver believer, or not? Have your say, vote here for the Canada’s Greatest Animal!

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