Posted on March 08

Calgary, AB – Kimani, the Calgary Zoo’s youngest Western lowland gorilla turns one-year-old on March 9, and a day of celebrating is planned. To mark this milestone, she will receive some festive birthday-themed enrichment items to make the day a memorable one.  

“This has been an incredible year of growth for Kimani as she was born underweight which required special care from our Animal Care and Veterinary teams,” says Dr. Malu Celli, Curator, Calgary Zoo. “We can happily report that, while still tiny, she is thriving and doing exceptionally well with a caring mother and an attentive troop of female gorillas to watch over her.” 

Visitors are asked to bring their used cell phones to recycle as a birthday gesture in lieu of gifts and cards. Cell phones are made of coltan, a mineral found in the Congo where gorillas live. By recycling these devices, the need to mine for coltan in the forests diminishes, which ultimately can help to protect this critically endangered species.  

Media Information: 

WHAT: Kimani’s first birthday party 
WHEN: March 9, 2017 2 p.m. 
WHERE: TransAlta Rainforest Building – indoor habitat 

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