Posted on February 13

Calgary, AB – It’s time for celebrations of love at the Calgary Zoo. Featuring the zoo’s Western lowland gorilla troop, comprised of females Dossi, Yewande, Kioja, Zuri and the nearly one-year-old Kimani, the animals will receive some valentine fun. 

“We have been actively looking for love as we search for the perfect silverback match for the troop,” says Colleen Baird, curator Calgary Zoo. “In the meantime these females have adjusted to a year where they lost their beloved male silverback Kakinga, worked through a serious illness with Zuri and experience the successful birth of Kimani. Tuesday is a day to celebrate.” 

On Valentine’s Day, the troop will get some extra TLC in the form of enrichment which is an essential part of the care provided to the zoo’s animals. Enrichment encourages natural behaviours and provides variety and interest.  

Media Information: 

WHAT: Valentine photo opportunity of Western lowland gorilla troop  

WHEN: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 10:30 a.m. 

WHERE: TransAlta Rainforest Building 

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