Dorothy Harvie Gardens

Discover an oasis. Across six acres of land, Dorothy Harvie Gardens shows what is possible in Calgary’s unique climate zone.

Green, green, green, as far as the eye can see

From fruit trees to nectar-filled flowers, our gardens have it all. You’ll discover the plants that bring colour throughout the warmer seasons and enjoy sparkly lights in the wintertime. Not only that, you’ll make some new animal friends right at the heart of the zoo.

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Dorothy Harvie Gardens

Featured Animals & Plants

Meet the plants and animals living in Dorothy Harvie Gardens.

Veterinary exam on chilean flamingo

Care & Conservation

How we care for them

From the flamingos to the chacoan peccaries, no two species in the Dorothy Harvie Gardens are the same. Discover how we meet the different needs of the animals in our care.  


Making the world a wilder place

Learn more about our conservation efforts at the Wilder Institute including the Kianjavato Lemur & Reforestation Initiative and the Cross River Gorilla Initiative.
Community Conservation Efforts

Dorothy Harvie Gardens

Things to Explore

 The Dorothy Harvie Gardens are big and have lots to do. What will you do when you visit?


The Alpaca Yard

Whether you’re enjoying the view from Grazers Restaurant or stopped by after seeing the flamingos, you’ll meet some of our favourite friends at the zoo. 


The Flamingos

Take a moment to be dazzled by our flamingos when you watch them preening and standing elegantly on just one foot.

Gardens - Plants

The Gardens

Stop and smell the roses – and the fruit trees, and all the other flowers, too. 

Animal zones

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