Welcome to the Brawn Family Foundation Bugtopia!

What is the Brawn family foundation Bugtopia?

An exciting new nature inspired interactive play space! This larger than life play space is designed for children of all ages, particularly those ages 7+, and immerses you in the playful world of insects, including select accessible and inclusive play features.


  • Open daily, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



Step across the bridge into the flying and the fuzzy, the slimy and the squishy, the beautiful and the buzzy world of bugs to learn more about these vitally important creatures. 


Who are these tiny critters in your backyard by that old tree stump?

Find out as you climb, swing and slide through three themed towers exploring:

Tower 1

Pests and Protectors

Tower 2


Tower 3


Did you know?

  • Bugs are an incredibly successful group of animals. The key to their success is their diversity - a diversity of size, behavior, habitat, movement, appearance, survival strategies and ecosystem roles.

  • Bugs form a key part of the food chain. They provide food for other animals including mammals, birds, bats, amphibians, and fish. They're pollinators and decomposers.

  • We'll be better prepared to live sustainable lives when we spend time learning and observing nature's strategies that have been tested over millions of years.


Special thanks to the Brawn Family Foundation who generously supported this project and made inclusive play possible at the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo.