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Our Approach

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Ready to be wilder?

Our Approach

Using innovative science, our teams are working to save threatened and endangered species and return them to the wild, where our planet needs them to be.

Our conservation expertise is focused in two areas – Community Conservation and Conservation Translocations.

Community Conservation empowers local communities to benefit from and protect wild species. These initiatives protect nature while improving the livelihoods of local people by building capacity, increasing ecological awareness, and creating employment opportunities.

Conservation Translocations return endangered and at-risk species to the wilderness to prevent their extinction. Individuals that will be released can be taken from either wild or conservation breeding populations. Translocations require sound science, long-term investment and continued monitoring to be successful. The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo is home to the IUCN Global Secretariat to the Species Survival Commission Conservation Translocations Specialist Group (CTSG).

Every animal we release and every community we help thrive begins with you. Let’s make the world a wilder place, together. Learn more about our Conservation Programs.